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      Anhydrous chromium Chloride
      Anhydrous chromium(II) chloride
      Chromium chloride/ Chromium trichloride?
      Chromium nitrate
      Chromium fluoride?
      Basic chromium sulfate
      Lithium chloride (anhydrous 99%)
      Lithium bromide (50%)?
      Lithium sulfate(99%)?
      Lithium nitrate(99%)?
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      Zibo Fuchun Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd. is a joint-stock company limited reconstructed from Boshan Zhenhua Reagent Factory. It is located in the east of the hospital of the well-known Wanjie Group, abutting against No. 205 National Highway. It is close to Binzhou-Laiwu Expressway in the west, and Jinan-Qingdao Expressway and Jiaozhou-Jinan Road in the north. It is supported by Qilu Petrochemical. Therefore, our company enjoys advantaged location and transportation convenience. For the sincere, honest and innovative image, our company is highly praised in the market. It has been a brilliant pearl in the organic salt industry in Zibo, China.

      Our company, as a professional inorganic salts manufacturer, is equipped with excellent equipment and has more than 100 employees including 6 professional engineering technicians and 9 engineers. In 1997, the electronic-grade chromic chloride jointly developed by our company and Northwest University passed the test of our clients and state authorities. Our company is the pioneer in producing electronic-grade chromic chloride, and our production level has gotten to the internationally advanced one. For the whole staff's united effort, our company has greatly developed basing on market and technology.
      The main products of our company: chromic chloride, cobalt chloride, manganese chloride, copper chloride, anhydrous manganese chloride, nickel chloride, chromic nitrate, cobalt nitrate, manganese nitrate, copper nitrate, nickel nitrate, cobalt acetate, manganese acetate, chromic acetate, copper acetate.at the beginning of 2009,we are newly marketing postassium nitrate as a new mark on the way of nitrates's further development Recently, our research personnel have solved the key technological problem and developed the following new products: neodymium nitrate, lanthanum nitrate, cerous nitrate, praseodymium nitrate, zirconium nitrate, yttrium nitrate, etc.

      For high product quality, good reputation and perfect after-sales service, our "FUCHUN" products in occupying more and more market share in petrochemical, catalyst, dye, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, and are highly praised and appreciated by numerous clients. Basing on the principle of "practical, innovative, double-win", we are looking forward to cooperating with friends of all lines to create our brilliant future.


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